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Paula Patton, who was once married to R&B superstar Robin Thicke, has been rumored to be bisexual as Robin Thicke mentioned in interviews that while married they enjoyed threesomes.

In recent news, Paula Patton said she was ready to try love again. - The "D" stands for Detroit because that's my hometown. While I love my job as an educator, I also love to write.

Somewhere on the property, Mister Simmons had an in home fitness center complete with rubber matting, free weights and a treadmill.

“The Master” – “Jack of all trades; master of none” – is by turns witty, charming, kind, querulous, proud, dithering and distressed.

This portrait reveals him to be delightful to know and frightful to live with – which is probably why no one does. To cover so much ground in so few words, to bring back such a big personality with such brevity, is no mean feat.

Recently in 2015, she was seen with Eboni Nichols spending her time in Rio de Janeiro.

It is believed that she is having love affairs with her. Later, Latifah was found dating a Jeanette Jenkins female fitness trainer But the all her lesbian rumors drowned and she was proved to be a bisexual when she was found having an affair with Kendu Isaacs who is the current husband of Mary J. when she was found having a long list of boyfriends whom she dated previously.

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Primetime Emmy Awards winner, Queen Latifah is the renowned singer songwriter and rapper from United States. She is popular in the world from her own albums, Black Reign, Nature of a Sista, The Dana Owens Album and many more.

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