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Satisfying protein, long-lasting carbs and fruit and veg is great – but I hope Heather's supplement contains calcium because of her dairy avoidance.

Kasdan couldn’t see how The Bodyguard could be turned into a musical. The actress created the role of Nala in The Lion King on Broadway, and starred in the Elton John-Tim Rice musical Aida.The show originated as part of the entertainment devised by Anthony Van Laast for Elton John’s 50th birthday bash.It’s since become a multi-million-pound extravaganza, overseen by Jason Gilkison, who performed at Elton’s party and is Burn The Floor’s artistic chief (and a champion mover, too).It was never clearer what was “written in the stars”, or that – in Heather’s case – it is particularly true that “every story is a love story”. So it’s interesting to see what people say, and when you think about it, what I need. If you can’t cook that kind of food, stay out of it – bye! In my bathroom I can still sing a good kaiso to myself, but never public. Because to some extent, “The Hammer” is like the other national anthem of Trinidad, you know what I mean? Because when you listen to someone like David Rudder, there’s a beautiful voice, you know what I mean?Her easy, down-to-earth vibe and quick wit make can make you feel like you’ve been pitching marbles together since school days, as more than one Trini reporter has commented. You know, you talk to everybody and everybody’s American all day, then all of a sudden they’re like, ‘Remember you have that interview today’ and I’m like, yeah yeah yeah, and then I hear [imitating CT], ‘Hello, may I speak to Heather Headley please’, and right away, I know exactly who it is! Like I said today, everything is purchasable, but there’s certain things that I’m like, this has to go. So if I’m stuck on the desert island, just give me my i Pad. Everybody knows it, and I thought one of two things is going to happen: they’re gonna be OK with me doing it, or these people are going to rise up in a mighty force and carry me outta here, with this dress on, to the airport. I think because I grew up with it, respecting that music and understanding what it did to the island…I’ve learned from the performances of those people that I grew up with that I’ve looked at – the David Rudders, the Machel Montanos, who I remember singing [singing] ‘Dey say ah too young to soca, oye aye oye, aye aye aye…’ Just seeing their performances and seeing how they can make a crowd go crazy with simple songs, and yet songs about politics… So it’ll be fun to do something with a soca artist.

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'The Bodyguard' is at the Adelphi Theatre, London WC2 NIGEL DENBY, dietitian Heather relies on two substantial meals while other performers prefer 'little and often' eating.

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