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Click the "Home" icon from the browser's main interface and then click "Opera Powered," where the current version is displayed.

If your existing browser is out of date, proceed to download the latest version. Click the "Internet Channel" followed by "Yes" at the next confirmation screen. After it's finished, you will be automatically returned to the Wii system menu.

Look backward, friends: The Nintendo Wii still has some life in it.Those who got impatient and killed the power on their system — never do that during an update — or had the misfortune of a power cut, meanwhile, ran the risk of a bricked system.Life would be so much easier, particularly for impatient people, if you could run the download in the background, right?So, performing a background download for Wii U's system update is indeed a simple option if you know what to do, though quite why Nintendo didn't make that clear is anybody's guess.In any case, do not turn off your system, even if you use this method to download in the background while you play some games.

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