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Sexual battery and rape are very serious violent crimes in Florida and these offenses can carry extremely harsh penalties.

The definition of sexual battery includes the act commonly known as rape by a sexual organ or by an object.

How do I Obtain a Restraining Order for Domestic/Repeat/Dating/Stalking/Sexual Violence? You may contact the Women in Distress hotline for counseling and shelter at 954-761-1133, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For information and procedures on obtaining a Restraining Order, call the Domestic Violence Department at 954-831-5570 between the hours of a.m. You may obtain a Domestic Violence restraining order against a spouse, ex-spouse, or blood relative residing in the same household or any other person you are, or were, residing with as if family.

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A person who is the subject of a sex offense investigation needs an expert criminal defense attorney in Miami with experience in the defense of sex crimes.

Any contact by the police or the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) needs to have the same highly competent representation by an expert criminal defense attorney.

A capital felony can be punishable by life or by the death sentence.You may also obtain a Restraining Order against a person with whom you had a child, whether you are living together or not.A Repeat Violence restraining order may be filed by individuals who are not family or household members.Sexual battery generally involves touching or penetration of sexual organ.A sexual battery is punishable as a life felony in Florida if it is committed against a victim 12 or older and the offender uses or threatened use of a deadly weapon or if the offender threatens, or actually uses, force likely to cause serious personal injury.

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