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The animation combines traditional and digital techniques.Unbound by the laws of physics, psychedelic imagery flows towards the screen.So thus under growing messaging apps there is another keyword has become an important issue which is “secret chat”.

So instant messaging has named as messaging apps, which is a common phenomenon to everyone now.

’ by Secret Friend, and you can check it out above!

We got in touch with Micah to chat about the project, and here’s what he had to say about the idea behind the music video: “The song is pretty abstract and sound effects heavy.

Send private messages to your secret friend discreetly Introducing Secret Chat, the discreet app that offers secure:* Instant text messaging* Photo Sharing* Video Sharing DOWNLOAD THE NINCHAT APP FREE NOW!

Despite her busy fall schedule, Stacey takes on the project of helping the fashion clueless newcomer Tess to become better educated about clothing and makeup, but the well-meaning baby-sitter is soon frustrated by Tess's resistance.. stacey & barbara are putting the finishing touches on a papier mache jaguar they made for the upcoming football game (apparently a jaguar is SMS's mascot) when someone walks right into it & totally destroys it. stacey observes that tess has "an unusual face, but not a bad one," with a slightly upturned nose & blue eyes which she unfortunately obscures with over-sized black-rimmed glasses.

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From email to instant messaging have played an important role to bring people under an umbrella of communication.

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