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but when that import statement is there it overrides looking at your project directories and uses androids I encountered the same problem trying to build the wiktionary sample code I downloaded from code.(here) I had imported into a new Eclipse Juno project set to use Android 4.1 and JDK 1.6.Here is an excerpt of the console after building the project: W/Resource Type( 6292): Bad XML block: header size 103 or total size 0 is larger than data size 0 C:\Development\Work Java\android\sampleapps\Wiktionary\com.example.android.wiktionary.the XML standard is that all attribute values be surrounded by double quotes, not single quotes.Invalid When I remove the ' from I'm and all other ' it works.Recently i updated the eclipse software and when i started doing new projects, the file was missing. This is my SDK manager when i am cleaning the project and building it again, it is giving me an error. If you are using a higher version of the android sdk.I copy pasted it from the previous projects but the current project is still giving errors. it is saying that building workspace has encountered a problem, errors occurred during the build, the error is null pointer exception. Just check whether have you installed the 'SDK build tools'. 4) Even if its not working then create a new project and place all Source and resource files from Earlier to this one.So does a new project, as long there is no change needed in the file.As soon as I try to add a button with find View By ID, I get the error that the field cannot be resolved. As mentioned before I tried various things, including: clean project, rebuild restart eclipse update sdk (even tough I installed the new sdk) no uppercase letters ...

if there are single quotes in the xml files, they should be replaced with double quotes.

I have downloaded code from google codes but when I import that project in my eclipse IDE it does not generate R. I searched many blogs and forums and tried many things like cleaning ,rebuilding, creating project from existing source etc but still facing the problem.

Some people mentioned that it is sometimes caused by the SVN client software,but none of them mentioned any solution for that. ) regarding to the xml file in res, so R is not genetared (I've tested on my Mac): In res/values/styles.xml: commented out the following: i forgot that ya, it doesnt get generated if there are errors.

I used a project sample that originally had some placeholder images of sorts.

However, now I'm currently in the stage of updating and experimenting with the images; I want to use a different set of images.

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