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We provide pregnancy and gynaecology ultrasound examinations.To achieve this we apply a clear gel to the skin to allow a small hand-held probe to slide over your abdomen to produce images via sound reflected from the internal structures.Accurate measurements and images are taken of the gestational sac and the 'crown to rump' length of the embryo, to accurately date the pregnancy.Serum blood screening in early pregnancy is performed alongside nuchal scanning in order to identify high-risk pregnancies.Welcome to Maternity Ultrasound service at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.We are based in Clinic 1 in the newly built Centre for Women’s Health.Ultrasound scanning requires a high level of concentration on the part of the sonographer.For this reason we suggest you arrange childcare to cover your hospital visit.

We welcome one adult to accompany you during your ultrasound examination.

Ultrasound scans are also provided for patients with problems in early pregnancy via the Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Assessment Unit, (Peggy Cole Unit).

The unit is located on Floor 5 of the Maternity Block.

The quadruple test is a blood test performed at 15 - 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Four biochemical markers in the blood are measured and with the mother's age and weight, are used to calculate the risk of the baby being affected by Down's syndrome.

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