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Beginning The first known instance of Jewish settlement in Bohuslav dates from the late 16th/early 17th century.HOME - HISTORY - ARTS - LITERATURE - RABBI LEVI YITZHAK - HOLOCAUST - MAPS BERDICHEV TODAY - OTHER REFERENCES - CURIOSITIES - GENEALOGY - PHOTOGRAPHY - MY FATHER'S BOOK - VIDEOS - LINKS - CREDITS - ABOUT ME - CONTACT - GUESTBOOKJews (Ukrainian: zhydy, ievreï).But some local Jews are also concerned about a Russian invasion, with tens of thousands of troops within striking distance of the Ukrainian frontier, said Alexander Ivanchenko, who runs Sohnut, an organisation assisting people to go and live in Israel.The leaflet distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine, calling for all Jews over 16-years-old to register or face deportation, sparked concern among the area's 15,000-strong Jewish community.Beginning The first mention of a Jewish community in Narodichi was in 1683.In 1875 the chief rabbi of Narodichi was Elia-Leib Juravel (1847 – ? The main occupations of the Jewish population in XIX – early...Throughout the 11th and 12th centuries Khazarian Jews steadily migrated northwards.In Ukraine the Jewish population developed a distinct presence.

They realise that the mythical "Banderovtsi" (so-called Ukrainian nationalist supporters of Stepan Bandera, who Russians associate with fascism) are not a threat - but Russian troops are.

In 1736, Skvyra was mentioned as a village (selo) leased to a Jewish tenant.

According to the census of 1765, there were 124 houses in Skvyra, 51 of which belonged to Jews. Since 1360 – in the Great Kingdom of Lithuania; since 1569 – city of Kiev povet and province in the Commonwealth.

It is the administrative center of the Skvyrskyi Raion (district), and is currently a regional municipality.

First Jewish inhabitants Jewish population of Skvyra: 1775 – 116 Jews 1847 – 2,184 Jews 1897 – 8,910 (49.5%) 1926 – 4,681 (33.6%) 1939 – 2,243 Jews 1950 ~ 1,000 Jews 1960 ~ 500 Jews 2009 ~ 120 Jews The ancient town of Skvyra was completely destroyed at the end of the 16th century.

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