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No girl starts life thinking, “I’m going to be a lesbian mom when I grow up!

” As a child, if you’re thinking about having kids, the phrase you use in your head is, “I want to be a mother! ” As girls growing up, many of us simply embrace the images of motherhood that our culture shows us in movies, television, magazines, and within our own families and daily life.

You MUST LEARN HOW TO TAME IT in order to live in spirit and be successful.

Does any of this sound like something you’ve thought of at some point?

and about bringing her her workshop to Denver, at 7 pm, July 12, 2014.

Tickets can be purchased through her website at Gay Girl Dating

Many entrepreneurs and professional women (and even cool men) do.

This SECOND GUESSING is EXACTLY what holds people back from all the success they deserve.

” Do you wish you had more self-confidence and courage in those pesky moments of self-doubt? Of course, you have times of second guessing yourself.Until a few years ago, there were no lesbian mom role model images for us to embrace.That’s changed as being a lesbian mom has become decidedly cool.Last week, I moped around and felt sorry myself after going through a breakup.But then I realized, I should stop feeling sorry for myself; I need to get up an conquer my goals and dreams.

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