Dating scene in saigon dating guy 18 years older than me

The growth of social media apps like Grindr etc have made it a lot easier for gays to connect with each other.And, seeing more successful LGBT persons in the media helps society see gayness as something normal as oppose to an illness or wrong.You can see the French colonial influences in many of the older parts of the city, which thankfully survived the conflict.One key point to mention is that sex tourism is not only frowned upon but is illegal here - prostitution is a serious crime, so avoid any of the "easy girls" you might bump into on your travels in and around the city.Most of you reading this will be more familiar with this city's former name: Saigon.The city was renamed after the end of the war in Vietnam, but many of the older residents still happily refer to it as Saigon, so we just wanted to prepare you for that before we got further into our guide to dating in Ho Chi Minh City.

Since I’m not white (unless your vision is seriously impaired), I had to hide behind a platform that let you be whomever you want to be: Tinder.

Known only officially as Ho Chi Minh City, but informally to everyone still as Saigon, the main city of Vietnam is a fantastic place.

It passes Charlie’s Single Dude Evaluation with flying colors.

For example, the recently appointed (on December 2014) US Ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius arrived with his husband and baby in hand: Our main gay bar is called Thi Bar and it has a great gay evening on Fridays and Saturdays, which includes happy hour offers before 9pm.

Then after 11pm, most head to our big popular gay club called Republic.

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