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For Suzanne, 58, a mother of grown-up daughters, had turned to online dating for a last chance at romance, ending up as the unsuspecting victim of professional conmen hiding behind fake but convincingly elaborate internet profiles.An office manager who had recently lost her mother, Suzanne was lured by the attentions of an attractive, middle-aged widower. Lonely and vulnerable, she believed his hard luck stories and within weeks she had – foolishly, she now acknowledges – handed over £174,000 of her hard-earned savings. Last week, the fiance of children’s author Helen Bailey, whose body was found dumped in a cesspit, was jailed for more than 30 years after killing the 51-year-old for her multi-million pound inheritance. Then another victim, teaching assistant Anna Rowe, 44, who was duped on Tinder, called on the Government to pass laws against ‘catfishing’ as it is known – the practice of using a fake profile to start an online romance.

Last year, the cost was tallied at £40 million, with each victim losing, on average, £10,000 to scammers.Pervasive scams in these 3 Ukrainian regions caused the ban.Large PPL dating sites have their offices and multiple agents in these cities, which caused certain deceiving patterns of behaviour to become ingrained: Women date foreign men purposefully to extract financial benefits.Yet only now is the true scale of this new and bewildering fraud emerging.Staggering new figures show that reports of online dating fraud increased by 32 per cent in just three years between January 2013 and December 2015, with an additional 3,889 online dating crimes reported in the last year alone.

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