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There’s nothing like having a Pyrex mystery piece identified!

Pyrex Love fan Shannon was kind enough to share her recent acquisition, a lovely lidded round casserole we had called “Silhouette,” which features a dark orange-red on a peachy background which made the pattern into silhouettes of daisies.

Decorative patterned Pyrex pieces, if rare and found in good condition, can be among the most valuable as collectibles.

It is important to note that, in Pyrex Ware terms, the term "pattern" has dual meaning.

Wood was also used for ancient drinking mugs, but for obvious reasons, few examples have survived.

Since ancient Egypt, jugs have been made into the shape of human figurines—similar objects have also been found in English archaeological digs from Roman to Medieval times.

Volume had been a key to Hocking’s success in the 1920s, and it was even more important during the lean 1930s.├ A Glossary of Terms ├ Dating Pyrex Kitchenware ├ Pyrex Opal Ware Shapes ├ Pyrex Ware Patterns │├ Pyrex Pattern Browser │└ Pyrex Pattern Timeline │ ├ Standard Patterns │ └ Non-Standard Patterns ├ Pyrex Model Numbers ├ About Pyrex Item Numbers ├ About Pyrex Colors ├ Pyrex Solid Colors ID Chart ├ Pyrex Promo Accessories ID ├ Vintage Pyrex Advertising ├ Pyrex Catalogs & Brochures ├ Patent Database ├ Videos & Links └ Accessories/Books/Apparel Patterns With Patterns Beyond the spectrum of colored Pyrex kitchenware were literally dozens of collections with a variety of silk screen-applied decorative patterns.Ranging from simple starbursts to intricate florals to complex geometricals, the decorations were applied in contrasting and complementary colors and also in gold leaf.In that decade, Hocking could produce 90 pieces of glassware per minute, which meant it could sell a pair of Depression glass tumblers in its Mayfair, Roulette, Waterford, Spiral, Circle, Sandwich, or Queen Mary patterns for only a nickel.The first distinctively Anchor Hocking products appeared in 1939.

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