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from left to right : M43 TALON zipper,used on the last blue deck jacket and the first green N1middle one is a M44 TALON,as used late WW2 up to Korean war last is the M47 seen and used up to the end......Even if the last of the blue deck jacket the M43 model can be considered, by some ,as the first N1 as it was the blueprint of the iconic jacket,the real N1 [green] saw it's first production in the first month of 1944 and saw action during D DAY along the coasts of Normandy.I saw a thread that was devoted to the US Army Flight Jackets of WWII, and thought we could use one devoted to USN/USMC jackets as well.I am going to start this thread off with examples of the M-422A.The lining has some soiling at the neck, but is otherwise in rock-solid condition. Note that French seams were used on most of the jacket, and that's a nice touch.The Conmar zipper works great, but has a 1/2" tear at the insertion pin. Players they frequently need to remove them rapidly when entering a game and breakaway pants have become common to enable the user to quickly remove the pants without the need of removing their athletic shoes.

There's no maker's label (it was removed sometime in the past) but it does have a 1939 union tag, helping date the suit.

The horsehide is in great condition, though each panel has different levels of color-wear from use. The jacket is comfortable for as size 40, and some who could wear a size 42 with shorter arms may like the fit as well.

The lining was replaced at some point, and this was well done.

While zippers were first used in trousers in the mid-1930s and therefore don't help in dating this suit, the Gripper snaps do.

Gripper snaps, getting their name from the company that made them, are notorious for being used mainly in the mid-1940s, thereby placing this suit within that time period.

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