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But as the average American marriage age has reached a historic high and society has been graced with the invention of Tinder, committed relationships are becoming fewer and farther in between.

We don’t think about “going steady” anymore when someone asks us to dinner.

And you probably both trimmed your pubes in preparation for this. Having to juggle multiple guys so you don't get sprung on one.

No matter how exhausted or not in the mood you both are, you have a duty as post-date sleepover partners — nay, as AMERICANS — to do it. But you might not have sex frequently enough to learn each others' styles and needs. You don't really feel like you can ask the person what they want in the long run.

Casual dating is the new dating trend that has taken our youth and others by storm. Rules about when it’s okay to call when it’s okay to sleep over and when it’s time to meet the parents become exhausting. Sometimes people in relationships can get flustered or stressed out because they’re feeling weighted down by all of the pressure that comes out of dating. This is awesome because you can keep playing the field, and move on to someone new if you feel that there’s more potential there. When you’re young, you should be able to explore your options. With casual dating, the fact that it’s temporary is practically a given, so you don’t need to sweat the future. We all know those people, or maybe you are that person, who gets so caught up in your relationship you forget who you are.

The drinking culture that pervades dating nowadays.

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Some people have the clarity after divorce to know that they want to be in an exclusive, committed relationship and they have a clear picture of what that looks like.

Instead, our modernized perception automatically wonders "how long will this last? How many nights have we sat with our girlfriends eating popcorn, overanalyzing text messages, trying to distinguish what this or that means? Casual dating is essentially an unspoken agreement that, .

" No one wants to commit to another person whom they just want to “casually date”. So..should be able to casually date as many people as we want and it should be fine, right? With the causal dating label come other labels as well.

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